Passive Fire Stopping LG Contracting Northern Ireland


Fire stopping is a passive fire protection system comprised of various components used to seal penetrations, openings and joints in fire rated elements of construction.

Fire stops are designed to restore the fire resistant rating of a wall or floor, by impeding the spread of fire by sealing the openings & voids with a product tested to reinstate effective fire compartmentation in each particular situation.

Fire stopping works are required where services and cables have penetrated fire rated compartments or barriers and where there are voids in the construction of fire rated walls & floors.


  • Sealing penetrations in fire rated walls such as pipes, cable trays, conduits, ventilation ducts.
  • Sealing gaps between structural compartment walls, ceilings or roofs.
  • Intumescent collars for plastic pipes which rapidly expand on exposure to heat to crush the pipe and seal the void in the wall or floor the melted plastic pipe would leave behind.
  • Sealing voids in walls and ceilings using coated batt systems.
  • Reinstating the fire rating of compromised dry lined partition walls.
  • Installation of flexible fire barrier (fire curtain) to subdivide hidden cavities, such as roof spaces.
  • Air and Acoustic Sealing. Sealing gaps in walls and floors that compromise the air tightness or the acoustic rating of the element of construction.